PYA Provides ALTA Best Practices Webinar Series to Entrust Solutions


PYA’s Eugene McCullough recently presented a series of webinars for Entrust Solutions related to ALTA Best Practices. The webinars provide:

framework-300x225• Insight into the ALTA Best Practices Framework.

• Techniques to assist organizations in preparing for successful Best Practices certification.
• Common pitfalls to avoid as title company vendors navigate the path from actual practice to best practice.
• Methods for managing non-public personal information (NPI) risk assessment.



If you have questions about ALTA Best Practices services or would like to request a webinar for your organization, contact Eugene McCullough, PYA’s Title Industry Service Director at (800) 270-9629.

Best Practices Self-Certification: Cautionary Points to Ponder

sharp-pointsIn the Tennessee Land Title Times fall 2015 issue published by the Tennessee Land Title Association (TNLTA), PYA’s Eugene McCullough examines the pitfalls of self-certification for title agents in their article titled “Best Practices Self-Certification: Cautionary Points to Ponder.”

Excerpt of article:

“Some lenders request title agents submit a self-certification documentation to demonstrate Best Practices compliance. Your response to this type of request results in an affirmative representation, which means that you are employing very explicitly defined procedures and performing very specific tasks in your everyday practice. Unless you have a clear understanding of what those procedures and tasks are, it can be risky to sign the self-certification.”

View full article on page 2 of TNLTA’s Fall-October 2015 Issue.

If you have questions about ALTA Best Practices services or would like to request a speaker on this topic, contact Eugene McCullough, PYA’s Title Industry Service Director at (800) 270-9629.

PYA Webinar: ALTA Best Practices Demystify the Confusion

PYA_alta_crystal_ballLets face it, ALTA Best Practices can be confusing. What will be your next step? Getting educated on all the options would be a good start.
Take the first step and join Gene McCullough as he walks you through the various AICPA recognized methods to demonstrate compliance with ALTA Best Practices.

After this session you will gain:

A clearer understanding of ALTA Best Practices
Deeper insight as to pros & cons of each compliance method
Knowledge to make an educated decision for your organization


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Mind the Gaps—Five Gaps Commonly Preventing ALTA Best Practices Certification

london-58381_640-320x214The following article by PYA is reprinted as published in the American Land Title Association’s August TitleNews and Tennessee Land Title Times’ Fall Issue.

For most settlement agents, the news about American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices is no longer new. Title insurance agencies not only have heard about Best Practices, but many have begun the implementation of them into their operations. Early adopters have completed self-assessments or have achieved certification through an independent third party. As lenders have been learning more about the controls within the ALTA Best Practices Framework, they have chosen to become more reliant upon it as the basis of their vendor risk-management program for their settlement agents. Because third-party certification provides the lender with a higher level of assurance, more lenders are either requiring or strongly urging their title company vendors to adopt ALTA Best Practices.

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