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Part 2: A New Wave of Cybersecurity Legislation Awaits Title Agents— What Is Required

South Carolina was the first state to establish an adaptation of the Insurance Data Security Model Law. That law, which is based on the NAIC Model Cybersecurity Act recently implemented by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, offers solutions to address the threat of cyberattacks. Since new legislation is likely to be similar to South Carolina’s Insurance Data Security Act (SC Act), our blog series will use that statute as a guide for outlining actions title agents should take in preparing for inevitable adoption of similar legislation in other states.

A New Wave of Cybersecurity Legislation May Await Title Insurance Agents

Every state in the nation has a unique set of steps with which businesses must comply to provide notification when a hacker has gained unauthorized access to data via a breach of a network and/or email account. But a new set of statutes will focus on what a title agent is required to do even before a breach occurs, by mandating procedures designed to minimize the chances that a client’s nonpublic personal information (NPI) will be subjected to a successful attack.