Best Practices Self-Certification: Cautionary Points to Ponder

sharp-pointsIn the Tennessee Land Title Times fall 2015 issue published by the Tennessee Land Title Association (TNLTA), PYA’s Eugene McCullough examines the pitfalls of self-certification for title agents in their article titled “Best Practices Self-Certification: Cautionary Points to Ponder.”

Excerpt of article:

“Some lenders request title agents submit a self-certification documentation to demonstrate Best Practices compliance. Your response to this type of request results in an affirmative representation, which means that you are employing very explicitly defined procedures and performing very specific tasks in your everyday practice. Unless you have a clear understanding of what those procedures and tasks are, it can be risky to sign the self-certification.”

View full article on page 2 of TNLTA’s Fall-October 2015 Issue.

If you have questions about ALTA Best Practices services or would like to request a speaker on this topic, contact Eugene McCullough, PYA’s Title Industry Service Director at (800) 270-9629.

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