Best Practices: We’re Certified, Now What?—The Value of Ongoing Monitoring

Stipula_fountain_pen-300x200The American Land Title Association (ALTA) recently published an article by PYA.  “Best Practices: We’re Certified, Now What?—The Value of Ongoing Monitoring” explores the value of ongoing compliance program maintenance.

Article excerpt:

“After buying a car, how many of us believe that we can drive it worry-free for two years without regular maintenance? Although it’s an appealing idea, the reality is that regular maintenance keeps our vehicles operating at peak condition. This same approach should be considered when a title or settlement agent obtains certification to ALTA’s Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices…Ongoing maintenance of your compliance program provides you, your clients, and your lenders with the confidence that your organization is prepared for whatever may lie on the road ahead.”

View the full ALTA article.

If you have questions about ALTA Best Practices services or would like to request a speaker on this topic, contact Debra Gentry at (800) 270-9629.

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