Title Industry Vet’s Insights Inside CPA Firm Conducting ALTA Best Practices Assessments

A New Blog for the Title Community

What is a former title attorney and title underwriter executive doing in a CPA firm?  After a 35-year career in the title industry, I often asked myself this very question.  The answer is simple: serving as a liaison between the title and closing community and the world of accounting.  This blog is borne out of my desire to enhance communication between these two professions by addressing issues of importance to each— from compliance to ALTA Best Practices to quality assurance.

This new blog is designed to provide the title insurance and closing community with relevant information to assist in their efforts to secure independent third-party certification of compliance with ALTA Best Practices Framework 2.0.  Furthermore, it is my hope that these insights will provide assistance to title agents when interfacing with the CPA community, especially when considering some level of Best Practices assessment.

Who is this “title guy?”

In early 2015, I accepted a position as Director of Title Industry Services for PYA, a national certified public accounting and management consulting firm serving the title industry as ALTA’s first Elite Provider of Best Practices assessments. The firm believed my more than three decades of experience in the title industry would aid their efforts to better understand and communicate with the title insurance community.  In furtherance of that objective, my primary role has been to share my knowledge about how title and closing agents conduct day-to-day business, how they interact with consumers and lenders, and how title and closing practices vary from state to state.

As I began communicating with title agents about the range of services PYA offers, I found it necessary to familiarize myself with technical jargon and accounting industry processes routinely utilized by CPAs in their day-to-day practices. With this additional background, I am better able to interface with executives in both fields.

It’s all about you

Through the following posts, I will address a wide-ranging set of observations that I feel might interest the title insurance community.  While I work within a CPA firm, my goal is to advocate for the title industry.  My focus is on you and how best to help you attain compliance in today’s regulatory environment.   I welcome any feedback on the topics discussed and any suggestions for topics that I have not yet addressed. You can contact me at gmccullough@pyapc.com.